A film by Barbet Schroeder

French Distribution • International Sales • Losange Production


A film by Barbet Schroeder

Mismy Farmer, Klaus Grunberg, Heinz Engelman, Michel Chanderli, Louise Wink, Georges Montant

French Distribution • International Sales • Losange Production

French Release on 21-10-1969

a feature film

Stefan is a young student looking for adventure and hoping to find himself. Making his journey towards the sun he hitch-hikes from Germany to Paris, where he meets a young American drifter, Estelle, who introduces him to drugs. In their pursuit of powerful emotions and experiences, the young lovers go to Ibiza where they live out their dangerous passion. As prisoners of their hopeless love affair and also of drug addiction and a former friend of Estelle’s, the only end possible for them is a tragic one...

« Extraordinary brillance in a powerful compelling tragedy. »

New York Herald Tribune

« An extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful film. »

The East Village Other

« A film of intelligence and, even rarer, grace. A very beautiful, very romantic movie. »

The New York Times

« An important film… recorded reflectively and perceptively. »


« A work remarkably put together, wonderfully acted and shot, More reveals Barbet Schroeder to be a fully-fledged film auteur. »

Guy Teisseire - L’Aurore

« One of the most beautiful, most lyrical and most remarkable films a young director has ever made about his generation. »

Henri Chapier - Combat

« A major film à la Murnau that does not talk about drugs so much as show a certain way of meeting it. »

Serge Daney - Les cahiers du cinéma”

« One of the best films seen at Cannes. »

Robert Chazal - France-Soir

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Producers: Love Productions
France Distribution: Les Films du Losange
International Sales: Les Films du Losange

Nationalities: France

Script: Barbet Schroeder, Paul Gégauff
Cinematographer: Nestor Almendros
Editing: Denise de Casabianca
Sound: Jack Jullian, Robert Pouret
Music: The Pink Floyd

Duration: 1h55
Length: 3350m
Sound Format: Mono
Visa: 36193
Production Year: 1969