A film by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

French Distribution • International Sales


A film by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Souleymane Démé, Anaïs Monory, Cyril Guei, Marius Yelolo, Hadjé Fatimé N’Goua, Abakar M’Baïro, Youssouf Djaoro, Rémadji Adèle Ngaradoumbaye, Emmanuel M’ Baïde Rotoubam, Achouackh Abakar, Abdel Salam Mahamat, Ahidjo Moussa, Ahmed Taïgue, Xavier Girou, Lian Xehua, Tom Haroun, Cyrus Nersy, Et avec les femmes de l’association des Femmes du village de Maïlao

French Distribution • International Sales

French Release on 10-07-2013
World Premiere: Sélection Officielle Compétition - Festival de Cannes 2013 on 22-05-2013


Despite a paralyzed leg that could have barred most avenues, Grigris, 25 year old, dreams of being a dancer. A challenge. But his dreams are dashed when his father-in-law falls critically ill. To save him, Grigris resolves to work for petrol traffickers…

« Grigris is a socially conscious morality play in a grand European tradition stetching back through the Dardennes and Ken Loach to the Italian neorealist movement »

Hollywood Reporter - Stephen Dalton 21/05/2013

« What Haroun generously shares with the audience is a portrayal of an individual whose optimism is more grounded than his precariousness. Not only is he striving to help his family but he is given a purpose and a passion beyond mere survival. »

Carlos Aguilar - IndieWire

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Trailer Grigris
Extrait 1 - Grigris



Producers: Pili Films - Florence Stern
Co-producers: France 3 Cinéma, Goï Goï Productions
France Distribution: les Films du Losange
International Sales: Les Films du Losange

Participation: Le Gouvernement de la République du Tchad, Soficinéma, Avance sur recettes-CNC, avec la contribution financière de l'Union européenne (Fonds européen de Développement), du Groupe des Etats ACP, France Télévisions, Canal+, Ciné+, TV5 Monde, Canal Horizons
Nationalities: French

Script: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Cinematographer: Antoine Héberlé, AFC
Editing: Marie-Hélène Dozo
Sound: André Rigaut
Costumes: Anne-Marie Giacalone
Music: Wasis Diop

Duration: 1h41
Sound Format: 5.1
Visa: 132 471
Production Year: 2013