A film by Eric Rohmer

French Distribution • International Sales • Losange Production


A film by Eric Rohmer

Jean-Claude Brialy, Aurora Cornu, Béatrice Romand, Laurence de Monaghan, Fabrice Luchini,

French Distribution • International Sales • Losange Production

French Release on 15-11-1970

a feature film

A few weeks before his wedding, Jérôme spends his vacation beside Annecy Lake where he must organise the sale of a family villa. By chance, he runs into Aurora, an old friend from Rumania, who is staying at the house of a mutual acquaintance. Jérôme pays her a visit. Laura, the acquaintance’s strong-minded daughter, is rather attracted to the newcomer. This budding romance provides Aurora, who is a writer, with the subject of her next novel. Jérôme gets caught up in the game and starts seeing Laura regularly. Then Claire, Laura's elder half sister, arrives on the scene and shakes him up in yet another way. Laura subsequently abandons him for a younger man, and Jérôme’s attraction to Claire becomes an obsession.

« Une oeuvre d’une richesse et d’une densité exceptionnelles, qui forcent l’admiration »


« L’analyse est fine et profonde »

Femmes d’aujourd’hui

« Le cinéma de Eric Rohmer est la perfection »


« Un très grand film »

L ‘Humanité

« Un film enchanteur »

Le monde

« Une émotion fine et légère, une amusante subtilité »

Le Figaro

« L’art d’Eric Rohmer est le plus fin qui soit au monde »

Le nouvel observateur

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Producers: Les Films du Losange
France Distribution: Les Films du Losange
International Sales: Les Films du Losange

Nationalities: France

Script: Eric Rohmer
Cinematographer: Nestor Almendros
Editing: Cécile Decugis
Sound: Jean-Pierre Ruh

Duration: 1h45
Length: 2891 m
Sound Format: Mono
Visa: 37233
Production Year: 1970